NightKnight is a sleep box subscription service launching in June 2020. The goal of the project is to help people discover their optimal sleep routine by introducing them to the very best sleep products.

A project that we were intimately involved with sense inception in Nov. 2019, we plan on staying engaged as they ramp up sales.

Our Role

1. Product Design

I. Branding & UI Kit

Since we needed a single-item e-commerce page, we skipped over the usual Research deliverables & went straight to the branding & UI kit. Seen below, this is a shorthand version of our longer branding & UI kit.

2. Webflow Engineering

With a simple site needed, we turn again to our trusty platform: Webflow. While not recommended for complicated web apps (anything with multiple user-types), Webflow provides enough out-of-box functionality for a single-product e-commerce store. For the payment processor, we circumvented Webflow & implemented a custom Stripe solution.